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Fully devoted followers of christ

There’s a big difference between being a fan of Jesus and being a follower. And that difference is called discipleship. We believe that discipleship is about becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ. At Word of Life, we have a two-part process for helping Christians become disciples: Life Class and Destiny Training.

Life class

Life Class is a 9-week course designed to strengthen a new Christian’s faith in Christ. Life Class will guide students through the core elements of what it means to follow Jesus, and prepare them for encountering God in a life-changing way. Do you need a fresh start? Do you want to encounter Jesus? Do you want to know who Jesus is and develop a personal relationship with Him? Then Life Class is for you!


To participate in Life Class, students must attend Word of Life, be a part of a Life Group, and be able to attend all nine (9) weeks of the course, including the Encounter Weekend.

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